June 09 2014 Monday at 05:03 PM

Change it Up with Initial This, Inc. Badge Reels!

In the world of hospitals, employees have limited access to fashion accessories. Initial This Inc. badge reels incorporate both fashion and function, which becomes inherently necessary in spicing up solid color scrubs.  Along with fashion and function, Initial This Inc. incorporates current season colors, designs and patterns to turn your basic badge reel into a must have fashion sensation! Below are some fun summer themed Change Up badge reels from Initial This Inc.!

As an individual with a chronic illness who spends at least 9-12 weeks in hospitals per year, I have been privy to what nurses, healthcare workers and hospital staff are and are not able to wear and how they are able to express themselves in a generally fashion devoid atmosphere. However other badge reel companies offerings jeopordize the health of fellow hospital workers, patients' and visitors by wearing an accessory not able to be sanitized properly (eww!). Initial This Inc. badge reels not only prides ourselves on being fashion forward, but flawless in our ability to sanitize our badge reels. Our products are built to withstand numerous cleanings without jeopardizing the integrity of our product! (The bright colors of our Change Up Tops below will always keep a vibrant color!!)

Nurses and hospital employees use their badge reels as their form of self expression. It is commonplace for institutions to give their employees cheap, simple, solid colored plastic badge reels. Occasionally these other badge reel companies' print the workers designation or name of the institution on the badge reel (again in a simple, solid color) making it difficult for the employee to express their personality. Even worse, the plastic fades over time with the use of sanitizing products! (boring!)

Other online stores carrying badge reels, such as Etsy.com sell directly to the consumer (which Initial This Inc. does not do) but do not stand behind the durability of their product ( which Initial This Inc. does do). On Etsy.com, you see your typical foam flowers glued to badge reels embellished with jewels (that fall off). However lovely the design might seem, the purchase is deceiving. The foam flower badge reels cannot be cleaned without destroying the product entirely! (Bummer!)

Other badge reel companies have chosen to fashion metal into various shapes (such as flowers and hearts) and adhere them to plastic badge reels. Any type of metal is heavy. And metal badge reels tarnish and oxidize over time. #fashionfail ...And let's not forget the companies that make tops adhered to velcro badge reels (talk about a rip-off). Velcro attracts more germs than fleas to a dog. Badge appalling!

At Initial This Inc. we are different. We have taken fashion, form and function into consideration and constructed the perfect solution to all the problems other badge reel companies present. Our badge reels have a protective covering placed over the design to ensure your design remains as vibrant as the day you purchased it! Our protective covering allows you to properly sanitize your badge reel and thus eliminates germs. At Initial This Inc. we have even gone as far as creating our own interchangeable button top system we have dubbed Change Ups. They can be switched daily, depending on your mood, outfit or the season. Just pop off the top and pop on another Change Up Top! Our patent-pending Change Up Tops can be cleaned as well as the badge reel! You must check out our new Spring 2014 catalog and constantly check our blog of for the most up-to-date designs!

All of our designs can be ordered as our patent pending Change Up System , Standard Alligator Clips, Standard Slide Clips, and Stethoscope ID Tags! Choose a badge reel that incorporates function and fashion. Choose an Initial This Inc. badge reel with over 400+ designs and custom monogramming options available!
And to keep you reading and wanting more, here is a badge from our upcoming Summer 2014 line!