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Summer Magic: A Sneak Peek at Our Sizzling Summer Style‏‏

At Initial This (IT) we have crafted a sizzling summer lineup! We have weaved sumptuous textiles that embrace the free spirited nature of summer and music festivals like Coachella. Our brightly colored flip flops remind us of a hot day spent on the beach or a day by the pool. Our tutti frutti pineapple print reminds us to smile and reminisce about perfect summers past. Our whimsical unicorn, electric butterfly...

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Retro 70's Designs... For a Groovy Kinda Love

  Initial This (IT) is proud to launch a 70's inspired pre spring collection. We are offering a sneak peek at a small selection, featuring 70's designs with a modern twist!     Our flower power designs emanate peace, love and happiness without feeling too retro.   The rainbow chevron looks more like a vintage Missoni knit than Grandma's finest potholder.     We even incorporated popular 70's doodle themes...

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Out With The Old, In With the New: Change Up System Design

At Initial This (IT) we are debuting some of our latest changes that will be appearing on shelves at the beginning of the New Year.        From design inception to production, Initial This (IT) products are made in the USA. Our new packaging proudly displays this fact so it is easily viewable for the conscientious consumer. As the IT team is proud to produce a "MADE IN USA" product!  ...

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It's All About The Beat: Music, Mix Tapes, and More!

Feelings of nostalgia influence many of the things we are drawn to and items we purchase. Over the years, trends appear then disappear until eventually, what is old is new again. Current fashion trends reference late 1980's and 90's popular culture from what we wear and how we accessorize, to how we furnish our homes and even listen to music.   At Initial This, we have put or own unique twist...

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Welcome to The Jungle: Take a Walk on Your Wild Side!

Seeing the back to school displays, commercials and flyers reminds us summer is nearing its end and fall is rapidly approaching. With this in mind, people generally abandon playful summer fashion and opt for subdued earth tones. But at Initial This, we feel strongly that fall does not mean the cessation of color, but rather an opportunity to demonstrate different uses of color! For part of our fall line we...

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Welcome to The Candy Shop: Indulge in Something Sweet!

Initial This (IT) is pleased to introduce fresh friendly faces to our Icons collection and two new delicious designs to our summer collection! Our nurses have undergone drastic makeovers thanks to their UBER talented stylist and graphic designer! Their sweet candy colored outfits make them the IT (Couldn't resist the play on words!) girls of the season! A sherbet color palette compliments the nurses fashionable and vibrant scrubs. Choose from...

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Made in America

Independence Day is a day for doing American things such as grilling and watching fireworks. But it is also the celebration of the birth of our nation and the day we adopted the Declaration of Independence. A very proud day in the history of our nation. As I sit and contemplate the significance of this day, I felt it must be stated that I am proud to be an American...

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Change it Up with Initial This, Inc. Badge Reels!

In the world of hospitals, employees have limited access to fashion accessories. Initial This Inc. badge reels incorporate both fashion and function, which becomes inherently necessary in spicing up solid color scrubs.  Along with fashion and function, Initial This Inc. incorporates current season colors, designs and patterns to turn your basic badge reel into a must have fashion sensation! Below are some fun summer themed Change Up badge reels from...

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