August 03 2014 Sunday at 09:43 PM

Welcome to The Jungle: Take a Walk on Your Wild Side!

Seeing the back to school displays, commercials and flyers reminds us summer is nearing its end and fall is rapidly approaching. With this in mind, people generally abandon playful summer fashion and opt for subdued earth tones. But at Initial This, we feel strongly that fall does not mean the cessation of color, but rather an opportunity to demonstrate different uses of color!
For part of our fall line we took a walk on the wild side and created designs that are a jungle of color, patterns and textures.
Even our owls went wild and assumed a sassier look!
We opted for dazzling dots in multi colors as opposed to the traditional two color polka dot patterns.
This is just a glimpse of what our fall line has to offer. So take a walk on your wild side and try one (or all) of our featured patterns and icons! You can pick or our graphics department will take the stress of choosing off of you, and choose designs and icons for you!
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