May 11 2015 Monday at 10:30 PM

Summer Magic: A Sneak Peek at Our Sizzling Summer Style‏‏

At Initial This (IT) we have crafted a sizzling summer lineup! We have weaved sumptuous textiles that embrace the free spirited nature of summer and music festivals like Coachella.
Our brightly colored flip flops remind us of a hot day spent on the beach or a day by the pool.
Our tutti frutti pineapple print reminds us to smile and reminisce about perfect summers past.
Our whimsical unicorn, electric butterfly print and our effervescent floral patterns are the embodiment of summer magic!
Even our nurses have changed up their attire for summer and are embracing its magical and carefree vibe!
Check back soon to see what our new nurses are wearing and stylish new icons!