December 06 2014 Saturday at 12:08 AM

Out With The Old, In With the New: Change Up System Design

At Initial This (IT) we are debuting some of our latest changes that will be appearing on shelves at the beginning of the New Year. 
From design inception to production, Initial This (IT) products are made in the USA. Our new packaging proudly displays this fact so it is easily viewable for the conscientious consumer. As the IT team is proud to produce a "MADE IN USA" product!
Our new Change Up Badge Reel packaging is the first of our revisions.  Our new and very much improved packaging more accurately represents the image Initial This (IT) wishes to project; fun and fresh yet cool and chic.
The instructional packaging offers a less chaotic presentation and better design visibility. We opted for a simple IT patterned black and gray background and placed the Change Up instructions on the card, instead of an instructional change up top. (As seen below)
As you can see in the above image, the top of the instructional Change UP badge reel packaging says "Squeeze Sides to Change Up." The bottom of the packaging has arrows directing the consumer where to squeeze, to change up the top!
And the new packaging below shows the Change Up tops you can purchase separately to Change Up your badge reel!