October 02 2014 Thursday at 04:12 AM

It's All About The Beat: Music, Mix Tapes, and More!

Feelings of nostalgia influence many of the things we are drawn to and items we purchase. Over the years, trends appear then disappear until eventually, what is old is new again. Current fashion trends reference late 1980's and 90's popular culture from what we wear and how we accessorize, to how we furnish our homes and even listen to music.


At Initial This, we have put or own unique twist on the 80's and 90's trend. We are using it as the foundation of our Pop Culture line of buttons geared towards both men and women. The versatility of the designs allow men to accessorize their scrubs with unisex lettering or a unisex icon. The vibrant color pallete that dominates the line allows the designs to pop against solid color scrubs.


Initial This recognizes that pop culture plays an enormous and versatile role in our everyday happenings. Our team was very inspired by bright and neon colors, music and graffiti for this line. We created our own collection of headphones, tapes, boom boxes and modes of transportation in various colors so you can choose the perfect icon to suit your style.


The line will debut a sleeker, edgier and more male friendly font. But, we thought you deserved a small sneak peak!