Officially Licensed Retractable ID Badge Holder with U.S. Air Force Emblem


The Initial This, Inc. retractable badge reels are the elite in their class. The simple design prioritizes durability, functionality and longevity resulting in an easy to use product designed for your demanding lifestyle! The slide clip badge reel tightly adheres to your clothing and is strong enough to hold multiple cards. Each badge reel has a high-quality retractable nylon cord that smoothly extends up to 32 inches. The no-twist vinyl pull tab ensures your credentials remain front facing, for easy identification and easy access to secured areas. The lightweight construction makes it ideal for hospitals, business offices, industrial work environments, hospitality industries and wherever identification and access cards are required.

This Initial This, Inc. badge holder is an Official Military Licensed Product. It boasts a clear protective coating to ensure lasting design vibrancy to display your military affiliation! It's officially licensed by the U.S. Army and Department of the Air Force.

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